Well servicing companies, like DLH Energy Service, provide services to the oil and gas industry throughout the US and the world, both on land and onshore. DLH is a land based service company which provides mobile rigs (like the ones pictured in this site) and personnel (called a "crew") to work an oil and gas wells performing repairs and other services. Generally, these services are divided into four categories:

"Service Work",  "Workover",  "Completion",  and "Plugging"

Service Work” consists of using a rig to pull down hole pumps, rods, and tubing from the wellbore. Other service including cleaning and swabbing a method used to remove fluid from the well bore. Well depths range from several hundred feet to 10,000 feet below the surface, in some area’s deeper.  Basically, "service work" involves using a rig to assist in repairing a well to return it to producing oil and gas.

A "Workover" occurs when an oil and gas producer decides to try to produce a well from a new producing zone - other than the one from which the well is currently producing. A well service rig is used to pull the tubing from the well, run it back in the well and assist in the testing of the new zone.

A "Completion" is the attempt to make a newly drilled well into a productive oil and gas well. A well service rig is used to run tubing in the well to assist in the testing and cleaning of the new well - much like a "Workover" except that a completion is performed upon a newly drilled well.

"Plugging” some well service rigs are used to plug wells and perform other services to oil and gas wells.

The well service industry has a trade group. The “Association of Energy Service Companies”  According to the AESC, there are 3,800 well service rigs in the US. Most of the rigs are located in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Kansas. There are also rigs in states which are not normally considered oil and gas producing states, such as West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.

*Discounts are offered for continuing work.

Other Services Offered
Heavy Equipment:
  • Dozers with winch
  • Excavator

Dozer Standby with Rig
Trucking Services:
Winch Truck with Trailer
Available Trailers:
  • 32 ft. 50 Ton Low Float with Tail Roller
  • 50 Ton Hydraulic Drop Deck Equipment Trailer
  • 25 Ton Lowboy
  • 25 Ton 30’ Float
  • 35 Ton 40’ Float
  • 25 Ton 40’ Flat Bed
  • 10 Ton Equipment Trailer
Water Hauling Services:
  • Tri-axle 130 bbl. Tanker with Tractor
  • 80 bbl. Vac Truck
Frac Tank Rentals:
DLH Energy Service offers 500 bbl. Frac tank rentals through Adler Tank.
Pipeline Installations:
All jobs are quoted on a per Job Basis.