Very pleased so far. There are two upper drawers in the freezer. Occasionally we hear ice cubes dropping into the storage container on the door but that is expected. This made the 30 minutes on hold worth it. The fruit and vegetable compartments are very roomy and so is the meet compartment. This refrigerator is being used as a second refrigerator to supplement the one in my kitchen. And if you love Ice.. .this model makes more ice that you can go through. After the first repair, we experienced the same problem a few days later. However, we are very pleased with the size. LG shod make this fridge quieter!! I love the counter depth, stainless steel and overall looks of the refrigerator. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator - Black stainless steel. This is very annoying. We don't use the freezer much so we wanted as much fridge space as possible. I absolutely love my new refrigerator. ... Bought the fridge because of the features and good reviews Originally posted on Very quiet. I wish they would provide enough space when building homes for the standard size fridge...1 it would cost less and 2 you would have more space. It looks fine now, but it can require a little work to get there. The freezer is also a good size, and the freezer drawer is well-designed and stable. from maintainence to filter changing, to how long a door maybe open on either the fridge itself or the freezer(which has a deep freeze to gentle freeze) and how many times its been open and how to keep things cool and frozen by changing your opening ... leaving the door open habbits... you can get good data to see how well you are conserving energy. This might affect future reliability. Other models have the same handle type. The trays are large and slide in/out easily. Other than that the refrigerator is great. This is a counter depth with the freezer on the bottom. ft. Capacity, Exterior Water Dispenser, Freezer Located Ice Dispenser, LED Lighting, Fingerprint Resistant, Stainless Steel colour Canada I love that it will chime if the door isn’t shut all the way because my family is notorious for leaving the door open. This was something I looked for long and hard. If I were in the market for a side-by-side refrigerator, the LG LSXC22436S would be right at the top of my list. Surfin 11/25/2019 Have had this fridge for 6 months so far. Overall, it’s a good fridge for a small family. LG LFXS30786S French Door Refrigerator This is a sensible high-end upgrade with no major weak spots of note. No one tests refrigerators like we do. Ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator - Stainless steel. Great item. We have had the unit for only a month, and we haven't had any operational issues so far. The "black stainless steel" finish does not show finger prints. I am short so being able to see through those compartments to view the items stored there is important to me. They are more cube like then the standard semi circle. I like that the refrigerated section is at I Eye level; It makes it easy to find things most used inside. Get performance ratings and pricing on the LG LFXC24726S refrigerator. My experience with LG customer service has not been good. $1,495.00 at AppliancesConnection We heard that several other customers are having similar (frost in fridge section) problem. Now you can keep your refrigerator organized instead of just wishing you could. :-), ROCK SOLID FRIDG. Customer Reviews. It would be very simple for LG to include adjustable rear legs to facilitate making the unit exactly vertical to match the edge of the cabinetry, just like is done with built-in refrigerators. No more stooping to get things in and out of the fridge. I was going back and forth about the counter-depth but I am so glad I got it. It seemed only a little more than half full. But I shouldn't have had to do this with a $3000+ refrigerator. Stays clean and easy clean (huge positive). We followed the troubling-shooting guidelines in the manual and they were not helpful. While it fits seamlessly into your kitchen area with its counter-depth design, this model is more compatible for medium – larger sized kitchens, given its spaciousness. You are going in circles over the style, the brand, the color. I would rate the unit five stars except for one thing. Shop LG appliances at ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator, Model # LFXC22526S has a height of 68 3/8" to the top of the case which is the part of the refrigerator that typically fits under overhead cabinets. We don't use much ice, so I can't comment on the issues other reviewers have had with ice production. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless steel. MODEL: LFXC22526S. After comparing many models and brands this refrigerator had all the features I wanted. It’s is great. For this remodel I needed counter depth. NOTHING in the description mentioned it. It looks really nice and does not stick out like our old fridge, so we have more room in the kitchen. I wanted one that had most of the bells and whistles and would last a long time. The lower third drawer is ideal for storing eggs and deli meat! I researched and am very happy. The large deli drawer is great. Cool is the word here... this is a cool ... constantly cool utility. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for LG - 22.8 Cu. This LG counter depth refrigerator is perfect. A day later, we hear loud drilling noise once a hour. This is perfect fit us. Got this to replace our old counter depth side by side refrigerator/freezer. Although it does not take up much space, it holds so much stuff. Purchased our refrigerator on March 20 2015. The unit as a whole operates quietly. 2) The front panel lights come on when you open the fridge door. Picking the right refrigerator is not an easy task. Refrigerator was running fine and we liked it as long as it was functioning properly. I cleaned out the old refrigerator, which was full, and put it in this one. No one tests refrigerators like we do. With its usual LG trademark sleek design, the LFCC22426S is easy to clean with its PrintProof™ stainless steel surface. Not sure, what's wrong now. We needed counter depth due to kitchen configuration and restrictions. The lower part is deep and has a divider to help keep larger things sorted. Thick ice has formed on all of the food items and interior shelves in the freezer. Ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator - Stainless steel. LG LFXS28968S Refrigerator Review The LG LFXS28968S is an enormous French door appliance, with a stainless-steel ‘fingerprint-resistant’ exterior and a water and ice dispenser featuring ‘Slim Space+” technology. Also I really like the shape of the ice cubes. This refrigerator is essentially the counter-depth equivalent to a full-size LG refrigerator we had at our previous house, and which we liked very much, so when our current 14 year old unit developed problems, we focused on LG products again. We didn't want to go to the expense of another built-in, so we bought the counter depth unit, thinking that it would amount to just about the same thing. Bright LED light illuminate interior nicely for good visibility. Absolute disappointment! This fridge checked all the boxes we needed. There were none of this model in my area, so I bought it without seeing it. LFXC22526S by LG in Fairfield, NJ - 22 cu. The tray in the bottom drawer is a bit tricky to pull out or put back in. 2 drawers and the large bottom space. I've contacted LG probably 20 different times and they offer no assistance. This gives it a lot more space. It looks great, has tons of features, more space than you need (unless you have a family of six), but being an LG model it’s susceptible to … LG LFXS28968S Review Read More » Good luck...hope this helps someone. We should have done more research on LG before buying as further research shows many others have experienced the same from LG, Anxious to see if Best Buy posts this as ratings they have on this are good. The gentlemen who delivered and installed it did a great job explaining the features. Bright lights! With 22.1 cubic feet to work with, you get lots of great space and with dual The warning alarm is not useful in my opinion as if you are still using the fridge, you will find it a bit annoying. Love the slim ice maker compared to the Samsungs. © 2020 Best Buy. I would have given this Refrigerator 5 stars but there is one major flaw. There are some things I miss from the other fridge. Food inside the refrigerator was freezing and there was a build up of ice. The door shelves are huge but aren’t really adjustable. My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem level but that could be the fault of the delivery guy. The second one holds all those small packages of things that usually get lost in a freezer. So much more room than a side by side and much easier to access everything! Best answer: The ENERGY STAR® Qualified LG 22.1 cu. Best Buy matched a competitors price & I got extra points for opening a Best Buy account, well worth it for a big purchase. I love it. They are also well lit. So far working well!! By Noel Case 29 November 2019 We are convinced we have a LEMON! It more than meets my expectations. Butter and other dairy cartons fit neatly in the top dairy compartment on the door. Get performance ratings and pricing on the LG LFCS22520S refrigerator. Fits like a glove and has ton of room for food storage and ice maker working great. In-store pricing may vary. So my kitchen is even brighter than before. Seriously reconsider purchasing. © 2020 Best Buy. Please check the temperature that you are using.If the problem hasn't resolve, please reach out to our support team on Twitter via @LGUSSupport or on Facebook at This fridge is very quiet. It’s great for storing little items like extra fast food condiment packets, string cheese, and little snack cups. LG 36" 22.1 Cu. Free shipping on most French Door Refrigerators $499 & Up This unit replaced a built-in refrigerator, so there was cabinetry on both sides of the refrigerator space. At this point, we are frustrated being beta testing site for LG's new model. So far, so good... working great! I love this new fridge. Temperature management and interior lighting are excellent. I really like this fridge. The top one is for our ice cream, treats, and frequently used ingredients. Nicely layout for all your needs. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused. I purchased the stainless steel exterior finish. We use our hydroflask everyday so this exterior water spout really comes in handy. If only it worked as good as it looks. Best Buy had it, and I snapped it up. This fridge is very roomy inside, with lots of large door pockets. Shop for the best price on LFXC22526S by LG. If you pass on this.. you simply are either over paying or missed the best deal of the century when it comes to a refrigerator at this price point. But after 5 months, ice and frost started building up in fridge section. The freezer drawer is easy to pull open. It’s the same size as my previous fridge but it doesn’t have a water system and the ice tray is in the freezer (where it should be). ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator. 4.7 out of 5 stars overall. Finish of this product is top shelf and it's quieter than the GE that I returned that cost $1,000 more. This refrigerator is so well designed, I love all the compartments allowing me to find everything easily. LG LFXC22526S; $50 REBATE 4.7 | 146 Reviews. LG appliances are absolute junk. Overall Ratings. Customer service was anything but helpful--told us to unplug to clear the errors. If you are away, that alarm is not doing anything good anyway. The reason I only gave it 4 stars was because the first one had a damaged freezer door handle out of the box - the box had no damage what so ever. Read helpful reviews from our customers. This refrigerator is great EXCEPT for the freezer handle. Interior space utilization is excellent - much better than expected. It took another 3 gallons for the plastic taste to go away. My wife and I searched for months in preparation for our new house to be done. I appreciate it as our other freezer handle has a "suction" like pull without the lever. The water dispenser on separate from the dispenser. It seems like a recipe for disaster. It's very well designed and everything is easy-to-find. I have adjusted the shelves with no problem and the ice maker makes plenty of ice. It has a slightly curved front which enables it to reflect light from any angle. In-store pricing may vary. There is more room inside than I thought there would be due to this fridge being counter depth. LG took its advanced freshness system 1-step further by adding Door Cooling+ to provide a steady supply of cold air to help keep door contents at peak freshness Multi-Air Flow System is designed to maintain superior humidity and temperature levels to help keep your food fresher, longer.